Vostok Lake Valentine's Day Revue 2020

The LAKE is in the HOUSE and the ROOF is on FIRE This was the launch gig for the Comics and Stories Kickstarter, for which the resulting "official bootleg" recording, Pushing Her Buttons, was available as a reward for a $50 pledge or greater. It might not see wider release, as there are enough "technical difficulties", bum notes and odd hecklers to render it inscrutable to all but the truly fanatical, but we'll see. Daphne's deliberately misleading comedy introductions are perhaps worth it.


  • (introduction)
  • Your Next Show
  • (technical difficulties inc. Tricia's brief bongo solo)
  • Cut and Run
  • Office Work
  • F is for Fake
  • Crowley in a Previous Life
  • Ich Bin Ein Ausl√§nder
  • Army of Light (aborted due to technical difficulties)
  • Dress Me Up, Dress Me Down
  • (audience participation including a brief snatch of Daphne singing this)
  • Under the Mountain
  • The Ballad of Ghost Point 5
  • A Limousine in a Cul-de-Sac
  • Gay Bar
  • Amateur Hour
  • Thank You Magical Internet
  • Don't Tell The Doctor