PRESS RELEASE: Queer electro-pop for Valentine's Day

Submitted by vostoklake on Tue, 01/22/2019 - 17:22

Auckland lesbian electropop duo VOSTOK LAKE will be performing a special Valentine's Day set at the Dog's Bollix, just off K' Road in Auckland.

VOSTOK LAKE is Tricia Hall (vocals) and Daphne Lawless (keyboards) - a married couple as well as a musical duo - who have been bringing their combination of synth-pop, progressive rock, performance poetry and queer cabaret to Auckland audiences since 2018.

Their set ranges from soulful electronic folk music to biting satires to deranged synthesizer covers of heavy metal songs. Their slogan is: "no guitars, no boys, no budget, no problem".

"What we really want to be," says Daphne Lawless, "is folk music for the 21st century - the songs of overeducated young people who work unstimulating office jobs and waste too much time on the internet."

Vostok Lake is about to launch a crowdfunder for their second full-length album. For more information see their website at


starring Vostok Lake and heavy friends

Dog's Bollix, 2 Newton Road, Auckland

Thursday 14 February, 8:30 pm onwards