Everybody wants what Vostok Lake wants

The 2018 lineup of Vostok Lake

Vostok Lake is the music that comes from low-budget electronic hardware, open-source audio software, and wetware with a subversive sense of humour, too much ambition and a big sexy brain. Our slogan is NO GUITARS, NO BOYS, NO BUDGET, NO PROBLEM.

Click here for upcoming gigs, and NEWEST OF THE NEW: our long-awaited album COMICS AND STORIES is now available in all formats.

If you like finely-programmed synth-pop arrangements with goth-operatic vocals, prog-style keyboard improvisations, punk-cabaret interactive performance chaos, revolutionary cultural politics and the idea of a broadband connection plugged directly into your skull, then Vostok Lake is your kind of music. The live act has been described as "Bonnie Tyler meets Keith Emerson", "Peaches meets David Bowie", "Depeche Mode meets Flight of the Conchords", "Tori Amos meets Gary Numan" or, alternatively, "Yazoo meets The Skeptics meets Raw Sex... on speed."

Vostok Lake believes that in the 23rd century, all music will sound like this. You have not heard anything like Vostok Lake, nor do you know anyone who has. Thanks for coming.


The Stories of Comics And Stories: Part 2, "Amateur Hour"

Daphne Lawless continues her series of backgrounders to the stories on our new album. Artwork by Tricia Hall.

Did I already mention some of these pieces are very old indeed? The introductory 13/8 riff to “Amateur Hour” was bequeathed to me by a guitar player in an old band during Bill Clinton’s first term. Listeners have said it sounds like King Crimson, probably not an accident, since this gentleman was an alumnus of R. Fripp’s Guitar Craft. I tried it out for size in various songs until it fit.

vostoklake Thu, 09/09/2021 - 09:53