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Live video from the Dogs Bollix, Newton, Auckland, 2019 April



Live video from the Dogs Bollix, Newton, Auckland, 2018 November


Live video from UFO, New Lynn, Auckland, 2014 January 18

Setlist: Cut and Run / Your Next Show / Thank You Magical Internet / Don't Tell The Doctor


  • CDBaby put all of Small Group Psychosis on YouTube, and didn't bother to tell us. Feel free to listen to it, but please buy the album (or just give us money) afterwards, because CDBaby certainly didn't. "The record industry is based on slavery and theft" - Robert Fripp
  • All the latest free tracks from Vostok Lake are at Soundcloud in lossless FLAC format. MOST RECENT are our weird attempt at electronic chamber music, "Theme from Vostok Lake"...

    ...and our anthem for the working-class heroes of the 21st century, "Office Work Is Fucking Boring".
  • A couple of tracks from our only full-length album so far, Small Group Psychosis:
  • A selection of tracks from Small Group Psychosis and earlier can be found on our ancient Myspace page. (Ha ha, did you even realise that thing was still going?!?)
  • All tracks from the "Vostok Lake Auxilliary Choir" mini-album, Magical Internet, are available here, courtesy of SoundClick. Soundclick also has the original versions of two of the Anastasia songs - the "facing image" version of "Weekend Witch" and the Undinal Songs version of "Anastasia's Clone" - here.

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WARNING! Some Vostok Lake MP3s have been put up on illegal sites which seek to harvest addresses for spammers. We do not oppose free trading of VL music. We do oppose spammers profiting from our work.