Vostok Lake

Vostok Lake photo galleries

All the pictures fit to print of Vostok Lake and related space-time happenings.


Taken in and around the house I was living in at the time, at the last time I had long hair. This is probably the beginning of the "modern" Vostok Lake look.


I was privileged to perform at this Powertool Records gig, and gutted that I had to leave before seeing my co-performers in action. I seem to remember that Sandra dug "A Motorway Runs Through There Now".


We were encouraged by a friend, a former prominent stand-up, to give the open-mike comedy nights at the Classic in downtown Auckland a go with our more amusing songs. We got a mixed response. I used to think they were listening intently to the words, but now I think they were just gobsmacked by the over-the-top "stunt keyboarding" I got involved in. Anyway, it was fun, I got performance experience and some good reviews.

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