Vostok Lake

Vostok Lake photo galleries

All the pictures fit to print of Vostok Lake and related space-time happenings.

One of the very first Vostok Lake gigs. The promoter had the good idea to spice the gigs by giving me sexxxy backing dancers on a couple of songs, and they did a great job. Too great. The audience loved them and barely tolerated the songs which didn't feature them.

Whanganui and Wellington were NOT PREPARED for what Vostok Lake, Scarlett Lashes and New Hang Ups had in store for them. In Wellington, we also had help from local renegades.

With Scarlett Lashes and the truly nightmarish Cane of Punishment, we were privileged to play in the city which brought Richard O'Brien into the world.

This was the Auckland launch gig for Small Group Psychosis. A small but perfectly formed crowd watched the wireless keyboard get its first proper workout. More pix from this gig on Facebook.

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